I’m so happy you have found this angelic portal.

This is a sacred and safe space for you to come for healing, knowledge and inspiration.

Here, you will be uplifted by angelic messages and be able to explore your own spirituality and soul essence through my blog and teachings.

Angels are high vibrational light beings that embody Universal Love energy and work closely with us when we ask.

Angels have unique virtues, for example Archangel Michael will protect you, give you strength and dissolve your fears.


I work specifically with Archangels and Archeiai (female archangels) twin pairs, to bring healing and transformation to people’s lives. We live in a time where the Divine Feminine is returning and we can work with these twins to come into balance with our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, in order to create and manifest our deepest desires.

These Archangels have helped to me to live my highest potential and I know they are eager to help you too. I look forward to sharing this healing work with you and supporting you on your soul’s journey.

Much love,

Jody x

Jody is a certified Angelic Healing Practitioner and the founder of Angel Awakenings. Her soul purpose is to help people create their highest and most vibrant life with the help of our angelic friends. Her gift is to channel Archangel and Archeiai healing energies, which leads to gentle but profound transformation for the recipient.  Having been in continuous angelic training since 2006 with various teachers and mentors, she has created her own unique healing approach . She is committed to helping awaken people to their highest potential and unearth their divine essence.


Jody completed a BA first class honours degree in Psychology at Sussex University before leading a successful career in the corporate world. But a spiritual awakening in 2003 led her to train in various healing modalities including reiki, shamanism, tantra, crystal healing and nutrition. Working with the angelic realm helped her access her soul power, divine feminine essence and truth. She is a proud mum to 3 rambunctious boys and is often found on the beach or in nature with them. She has a great love for reggae music, fluffy blankets and oodles of dark chocolate!

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