Angelic distance healing is a very popular treatment with my clients. But what is a distance healing and how does it work? How is it different to an in-person treatment? What can you expect to happen during a distance session? These are some of the questions I answer in this blog, so read on to find out more!

How does distance healing work?

What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is a form of energy transmission that takes place when the practitioner and client are in different locations. For example if a client was very ill and unable to leave their home, the healing treatment can be ‘sent’ to them. They will receive all the healing benefits as if they were physically in the same room as the practitioner.

The distance treatment is equally effective as in-person treatments. This is because we are working with the client’s energy field, which is not limited by space or time. Energy is at the core of ALL physical matter. In fact, we are more energy than solid particles. So a practitioner can use the energy of their thought, intention and emotion to ‘send’ the healing treatment to the energy field of their client.

Shamans, sages and healers have used distance healing for thousands of years. Many suggest that across all religions and practices, forms of distance healings are adopted. Prayer, regarded as a form of distance healing, has been proven to have positive outcomes. Lynne McTaggart’s book The Field lists several studies of the power of prayer to recipients in different locations across the world.

Distance healing is also known as remote healing, absent healing and psychic energy healing. It is usually offered for treatments that are energy-focussed, for example angelic healing, reiki, kinesiology, light language healing etc.

How does distance healing work

How Does Distance Healing Work?

For Milennia, Shamans have explained that we are all ‘One’. One field of energy connected to each other and to the ‘Creator’ energy or ‘Source’. Therefore we can influence each other with our thoughts and intentions. Modern day quantum science has now proven that these ancient beliefs are correct. In her groundbreaking  books (The Field, The Intention Experiment), Dr Lynne Mctaggart eloquently lays out quantum theory. Although it appears we live in a physical world, consisting of separate objects and beings, we are all actually energy. If we dive deep into our atoms, what we see is 99% space – energy waves fluctuating rather than solid particle. Scientists such as Gregg Braden also confirm these findings.

The Power of Intention

Our thoughts, intentions and feelings are also energy and we can use them to influence other energies. Take the very famous water molecule experiment by Dr Emoto described in his book Hidden Messages of Water. Dr Emoto took two glasses of water and with one glass he exposed the water to words such as ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Gratitude’, and others such ‘Hate’, ‘Disgust’, ‘Evil’.

Then he flash froze the water and photographed the water crystals that formed. What happened was astounding. There were clear differences in the water crystals. The positive thoughts and words created beautiful, unified patterns. Negative thoughts and words formed disruptive, chaotic patterns (see diagram below).

As our bodies are approximately 70% water, the thoughts and feelings we have and send to others will have a significant effect on our health and wellbeing!

How Does the Practitioner Send the Healing?

The practitioner is using thought, intention and emotion to access the energetic system of the recipient. They are accessing the field of energy we are all connected within and by transcending time/space. In angelic healing, we are connecting to the angelic realm and healing energies to transmit them to the recipient. The practitioner is acting merely as a channel. Dr McTaggart’s work included studies on reiki healing and prayer, which showed photons (light) emitting from the practitioners hands when transmitting healing energy. In truth, the healing light does not ‘travel’ across to the recipient across time or space, it happens instantly.

Quantum Entanglement

We also have our own individual electromagnetic field (aura) and internal energy system which includes our chakras and meridians. During an angel healing we are connecting to high vibrational angelic energy and using it to create transformation in these systems. We work with specific Archangels and Archeia (female archangels) to heal different aspects of ourselves (see my guide to working with angels). The practitioner may also use crystals, sacred geometry, colour and angelic symbols to assist the process.

Conclusions on Distance Healing

I am so excited to see scientific studies proving not only how distance healing works, but also it’s effectiveness. Although I see proof in the pudding everyday in my work, I love knowing that science is able to unify with spirituality to confirm ancient beliefs and practices. I find it so exciting and inspiring. I encourage you to do your own research!