I offer treatments in person in Brighton, or they can be given via distance.

Healing via distance is very special, you get to experience the angelic energies and transformation from the comfort of your own home and familiar surroundings. You do not have to travel to be in person with me, as the healing is done remotely. Energy is not limited by time or space, so healing can be sent to a person from another location. You choose the time that you want to receive a healing and I will connect the angelic energies to your system so that healing can take place. It is just as powerful as an in person treatment.

Crystal Grid and Angel Healing
Crystal Grid - Learn more

Crystals wonderfully support angel healing work and amplify the high vibrational healing angelic energies. In this nourishing treatment, we use various healing crystals on or around the body, as guided by the Archangels and Archeai.

The combination of crystal and angel energies powerfully help you to heal any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues

Chakra Cleanse
Chakra Cleanse - Learn more

In this gentle, but powerful treatment, we invoke and connect with the Archangel and Archeai healing rays to activate, cleanse and nourish each of the 7 main chakras in the body, as well as the Soul Star and Earth Star chakra.

Chakras are vital energy points in your body, associated with your endocrine system. By using angel healing energy to clear and balance your chakras, you will begin to see better physical health, as well as feel some emotional and spiritual shifts start to occur.

This is truly a beautifully nourishing healing treatment.

Heart Healing

Heart Healing - Learn more

Focusing on your heart chakra, this treatment will call on specific angels, including Chamuel and Charity, to send healing energy to soften and open the heart and allow love to flow. We will ask the angels to heal old wounds and hurts and clear away any stuck energies that are holding you back from self-love and attracting new relationships.

This is a wonderfully loving and gentle healing session that will help you live a more balanced and enriching life from your heart centre.

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