Violet is the 7th colour of the rainbow. Violet also serves on the 7th spiritual ray (this refers to spiritual healing light). Each ray has a specific colour, frequency and quality. When you invoke a ray in the name of God, it manifests as a ‘flame.’ You could compare this to a ray of sunlight that passes through a magnifying glass and creates a flame. This blog will help you connect to the Violet Flame of Transformation.

The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy that we use for transmutation, alchemy and transformation. It can be used to help you transcend negative thoughts and emotions, fear and limiting beliefs, and so much more.

It can also clear away energies that aren’t serving you, for example are you stuck in negative self-talk? Are you experiencing drama in your home or at work? Do you need help with health and finances? Then the Violet Flame can help to clear and renew your energy field.

Violet flame

Archeia Amethyst

Archeia Amethyst is a female Archangel and one of the keepers of the Violet Flame. She brings deep clarity to your energy, helping it to become crystal clear and strong by transmuting density, drama and lower frequencies – anything that is not serving you. She is one of the angels you can more easily see or sense, thanks to her huge cleansing energy.

Amethyst can strengthen your energetic field (aura) and remind you to take care of yourself so that your energy field does not weaken. She will guide you as to what you need to clear in your field, in your home space/environment and what relationships you need to let go of. Work with her to identify things that raise your vibration and things that drain it.

This vibrant female Archangel can induce psychic awakenings as your energetic field begins to clear – many report seeing colour or hearing high-pitched tones when she is around. She’s a great angel to begin your spiritual or psychic awakening with, as she holds deep esoteric wisdom which she will share with you to use with pure intentions. You will find your intuition increases when working with her. Your mind will sharpen and you will feel more clear-headed.

Her male twin is Zadkiel, whose name means ‘righteousness of God’. He will guide you to make good choices and right decisions. He also helps us with justice and freedom.

When we want to work with the Violet Flame, Amethyst will help us. She will bring the flame down to us in our aura and chakras, so we can experience transmutation and alchemy within our being. Below is a meditation on how to invoke and work with the Violet Flame.


A Violet Flame Invocation

Sit quietly for a few moments and let your energy settle down.

If you feel tense, relax your jaw, soften your eyes and close them, lower your shoulders and set the intention to relax your body.

Focus on your breath. Just observe it for a few moments.

Then begin to deepen the breath. Breathe in for the count of 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds. Repeat this 4 times and let yourself truly relax.

Call in your guardian angel to be by your side and oversee this healing. Then call in Archeia Amethyst who serves on the Violet Ray of Transformation and Freedom.

Now invoke the Violet Flame by saying out loud ‘I call upon the Violet Flame’ 3 times.

Visualise a deep, sparkling bright violet flame above your head. It’s swirling and moving above you. In the centre there is a diamond sparkling ray.

Feel the violet flame descend down into your crown chakra, opening your chakra and activating it and filling it with light.

Ask the violet flame to flow into your aura and down through each of your chakras, cleansing and clearing all lower energies away, transmuting all fear and lack. Ask Amethyst to oversee this cleansing, ask for her guidance and support for your highest good.

Sit in silence to receive this powerful healing – allow Amethyst and the Violet Flame to work on you. Feel your heart open with gratitude for these high vibrational energies that are with you.

When you feel ready, thank Amethyst and the Violet Flame, sense them leaving your body. Ask that your aura and chakras be protected. Visualise roots grounding you back to mother earth. Give thanks. Your healing is complete.

violet flame

I’d love to know how you found working with the Violet Flame and Archeia Amethyst, please leave a comment!