Ascension means ‘rising up’. Spiritual ascension is about humans raising their energy, vibration and consciousness to higher levels in order to live their greatest life, to live their soul’s truth. To live in states of more joy, love, equanimity, faith and trust, while being connected to Source energy.

3D, 4D, 5D states of consciousness

Spiritual ascension brings ‘the unveiling’ – which is when people begin to see there is more to life than we see in our 3D world. We are more than just flesh and bone, we are infinite beings of light and energy at our very core, and connected to universal energy and source. A creative force runs through us and we originate from it.

We live in a 3D world here on Earth. We see life as physical. We are physical beings , in a physical world. separate from one another. We are limited to our 5 physical senses. We have limited knowledge and feel limited by our bodies as to what we can achieve. Things are black and white, right and wrong. We have a job, we have a car, what we see in front of us is what exists.

Living in 4D

As we ascend to 4D we start to realise we are more than just our bodies, we are all made of energy and are all connected to each other. We begin to see the deeper meaning to life, there is more than meets the eye. We realise the importance of spiritual development, meditating or finding a path to help us understand more about life. We want to discover our passions and purpose. We have more tolerance and understanding for others. We activate our 6th sense – our intuition.

Living in 5D

When we ascend to 5D, we access the deeper truth of who we are and how the universe really works. We know at our core we are all one, there is no duality. We let go of judgement. We are dedicated to our spiritual growth, we find meaning in all, we feel continuous states of connection to others, love, equanimity – we access our soul energy and also can communicate with angelic beings, spiritual guides, light beings etc.

These are different dimensional states of consciousness we can access while living on Earth (other higher dimensions are said to be available elsewhere in the universe). We are all in different states, sometimes moving up and down (many are moving in and out of 3D and 4D. Once you reach 5D it is unlikely you will go back to 3D) .

Ascending to higher dimensions is caused by an inner shift – as we develop spiritually we raise our consciousness from 3D to 4D and then 5D.

spiritual ascension

Ascension for humans and the planet

When we embark on a spiritual path, we slowly begin our individual process of ascension. But spiritual ascension is happening on a planetary level as well. Ancient civilizations and indigenous tribes have spoken about this for millennia.

Astrologically we can see ascension happening too. The earth’s location moves through the universe through different astrological signs. We are currently living in the age of Pisces and have begun moving into the to the age of Aquarius. Astrological ages last around 2160 years and so we are beginning to enter the new Aquarian age (said to start around 2060). The traits of Aquarius include knowledge and information, and are thought to bring a rising in consciousness and new beginnings. We can see this has started already. With the dawn of the internet we have access to more information and access to truth. which shifts our consciousness. A change for humanity that will take place over time and has begun already.

So not only is humanity ascending, but the planet is too. A shift in energy and consciousness is happening for everyone.

Divine Feminine Rising

Divine Feminine Rising

It is also said that the leap into the Golden age of Aquarius brings the return of the Divine Feminine. In our history, from the dawn of millennia, tribes and social groups have honoured both male and female, god and goddess equally. This Divine Feminine energy is rising up once more and entering into the world, bringing balance to male and female, yin and yang.

So our collective consciousness is rising too. In the media and news, it may not seem this way as we see awful things happening around the world. But what we are seeing is the breakdown of the old, from which the new will rise (for example the MeToo movement has revealed the abuse of male power and from the world is changing).

Symptoms and experiences of spiritual ascension

As we start to vibrate higher in our energy, as we raise our frequency and light and live from our truth, we can experience some symptoms.

These include headaches, insomnia, dizziness and fatigue, ears ringing, become allergic to chemicals ands toxins that previously didn’t bother you, developing sensitivities and intolerances to certain foods such as dairy, caffeine and alcohol.

Relationships can fall away that do not serve us, we end up leaving jobs that were not in alignment with our purpose. We may end up moving home or location.

We can go through ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ – a breakdown of some sorts, from which the phoenix rises from the ashes and we become aligned with our soul. This is because your energy and frequency of your body is rising, so you cannot live out of alignment with your soul’s truth.

This can feel hard but it is important to remember THIS IS A GIFT AND AN ESSENTIAL PART OF LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.

It’s not always an easy process to go through, but once you are on this path, you know there is no where else you want to be. This is the path you want to be on and stay on. This is your truth.

Spiritual Ascension

Some of the amazing experiences

  • We become intuitive and know how to find answers ourselves
  • We live more from heart than head, aligning with soul and the divine
  • We have strong connection to our Divine spark, source energy
  • We step into a greater frequency of light. Our denseness leaves us
  • We become aware of higher beings, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, divine energy
  • We let go of old limiting habits, beliefs, mindsets, and ways of being
  • We are more in tune with our own energy field, our chakras, our higher awareness/soul. We may start feeling a connection to spiritual beings such as angels, ascended masters, spiritual guides.
  • We become more present, we tune in to our inner knowing
  • We feel less connected to looking outwards and seeking material things, we gain strength and energy from going inwards to hear our soul speak to us.
  • Toxic behaviours and relationships die away
  • More energy, more joy and peace
  • Living more authentically and having courage to pursue your dreams

Ways to get on a spiritual path

  • Take a meditation course
  • Take a psychic development course
  • See an energy healer
  • Take an angel communication course or have angel healing (ask to work with Ascension angels)
  • Learn about the chakras and energy body
  • Practice yoga
  • Learn ancient teachings such as Ayurveda, Qi Gong, or the Tao
  • Learn holotropic breathing (Wim Hof, Soma Breath etc)
  • Journal regularly – uncover your limiting beliefs and what your true dreams are
  • Learn shamanism
  • Practice positive affirmations