‘Archeiai’ is the term used to refer to the female archangels. In historical and religious texts, we often hear of the archangels who assist humanity, however they are usually referred to with masculine names. For example, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. However, less is known about the archangels who embody feminine qualities/energy. In this blog we explore the female archangels and their significance for us at this time.

Are Angels Male and Female?

Angels and archangels are energetic light beings, who embody the frequency of Unconditional Love (one of the highest frequencies closest to Source energy). They are androgynous, therefore beyond physical male and female gender in the way we human beings understand. However, they do express feminine and masculine energies.

female archangels

The Universal Law of Gender

The Universal Law of Gender states that everything in nature consists of a balance of masculine and feminine energy. These polar forces can be seen everywhere, for example, day and night, sun and moon, heaven and earth, yin and yang.

The Divine Feminine represents:



darkness (like the womb)



infinite potential






The Divine Masculine represents:








the sun

Archangels embody feminine/masculine also. The masculine energy of Michael is complemented by the feminine energy of ‘Faith’. Michael and Faith are the twin pair who bring truth and protection. Michael expresses protection in an active, masculine way. For instance, often sensed as a huge, powerful presence with a sword. He swoops in to bring immediate protection and cutting away of negative/lower energies. Faith however, is felt as a more softer energy, one that helps us feel our inner power and knowing we can protect ourselves. That we can have ultimate trust and belief in ourselves.

For us to live our fullest potential, we need to embrace and work with our inner feminine and masculine energies

The Archeiai

The Archeiai are here to help us remember and reclaim our divine feminine energy and power. To unite sacred masculine and feminine. This is true for men and women, for we all have a masculine and feminine energies within us that need to be in balance and honoured. The Archeiai hold widsom and knowledge about our soul truth that has been forgotten. They are here now at this time to unveil forgotten sacred mysteries.

It is said that although female archangels have always been with us, their energy is being felt and sensed more now that ever. This is because we are moving into a new paradigm – the rising of the Divine Feminine. This is in alignment with a planetary shift and the Age of Aquarius which we are entering.

Historical Removal of the Divine Feminine

Many believe that female archangels were purposely left out of historical accounts/texts, in order to remove previous worship of the Divine Feminine/Mother Goddess. This was to create a patriarchal society – one in which God (said to be a man) and spirit are outside of us. Patriarchy cannot exist if humans are in touch with their feminine gifts such as intuition, creativity, trust and self-belief. For the feminine knows all exists within her. Patriarchy needs us to feel we must turn outward for guidance and leadership.

However, we are now coming into balance and harmony with the presence of the Archeiai here on Earth at this time. The Archeiai healing energies help us align with the true power within us. They are the missing piece who will work alongside the masculine angelic energies to assist our soul expansion/ascension.

female archangel
Image from Calista Ascension

Twin Pairs Of Archangels

Here are some well know twin pairs of masculine and feminine archangels who work with us. You can invoke the pair and ask them to bring healing and guidance to the issues you are facing.

So if you have a health issue, call on Raphael and Virtue together. Allow Raphael’s powerful cleansing and healing green emerald energy to swoop through your system to cleanse and clear, while allowing the softer, nurturing and mothering energies of Virtue to envelope you. She works with healing your heart.

Faith and Michael – Angels of Truth and Protection

Virtue and Raphael- Angels of Healing, Health and Abundance

Hope and Gabriel – Angels of Purification, Healing and Manifestation

Clarity and Jophiel – Angels of Wisdom and Beauty

Amethyst and Zadkiel – Angels of Transformation and Alchemy

Radiant and Haniel – Angels of the Moon and Illumination

Serenity and Cassiel – Angels of Balance

Mercy and Azrael- Angels of Soul Ascension

Charity and Chamuel – Angels of Love and Heart Healing

Grace and Uriel – Angels of Peace, Inspiration and Devotion

Strength and Ariel – Angels of Nature, Manifestation and Grounding

Constance and Metatron- Angels of Universal Ascension and Sacred Geometry

Patience and Sandalphon- Angels of Nature and The Earth

Seraphina and Seraphiel – Angels of the Seraphim who help us reclaim our divinity and activate our Divine Feminine Flame

I hope you enjoyed learning about these wonderful female archangels. If you’d like to know more, or experience their healing energy, please get in touch or book a healing session here!

A great reading resource on the female archangels is this book by Calista.

Much love!